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In 2018, one of our owners, Maranda Adams and her husband purchased a historic building in North Omaha to be the new home to their snow cone business.  Maranda hired a contractor to do the construction work required to restore the building and get the business running. The process was a nightmare, the project ended up costing 150% more than expected, the contractor went missing mid project and worst of all, despite spending more money and time, the project was not exactly what was envisioned from the beginning.  Maranda contacted her college friend, Ashley Kuhn, to help assemble the workers required to finish the project. 

Following this project, Maranda and Ashley realized that there was a significant gap in the construction industry.....a gap that both women had the unique skills and  combined  30+ years of experience to fill.

From this project, Blair Freeman was born. A company formed solely to provide a transparent construction and real estate process that puts the owners back in the drivers seat.  

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