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Inviting you to the table

Whether you need construction, owner’s representation or real estate services, Blair Freeman removes barriers and invites you to the table with a boldly transparent process, because everyone deserves to have power over their own project.

Let's bring your idea to life — together.

Let's get started

Blair Freeman makes the process of building, buying and selling clear, easy and accessible to anyone. Learn more about our range of services, then reach out to us to get started.

Female Industrial Engineer
Reinforcing Steel
Construction Workers


Core Value "Bold" - Our actions are strong and vivid. We think outside the box. We are confident, daring, and brave. We think
Core Value "Transparent" - Every step of our process is clear, open, and easily understood.
Core Value "Reputation" - Our actions drive a positive reputation. We act in a conscience manner.
Core Value "Karma" - We treat everyone we encounter the way that we would want to be treated.
Core Value "Impactful" - Our daily choices, work and actions leave a positive mark in the world.
Core Value "Family" - Family is the reason our company was founded. Our employees, clients, vendors & community are family.

Ready to get your project started?

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