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Our History

Blair Freeman, LLC was founded in Omaha, NE in 2018 by Maranda Adams and Ashley Kuhn, inspired by their shared experience in overcoming challenges during a headache renovation project. Determined to address common industry obstacles and narrow the gap, they established a minority-owned firm dedicated to transforming the real estate and construction process!

Specializing in Owner’s Representation & Construction, Blair Freeman provides comprehensive oversight, transparency, and leadership from project planning to completion. Led by Maranda Adams and Ashley Kuhn, with Amy Augustyn and Ellie Barko heading key divisions, the company leverages its extensive industry expertise to ensure client visions are realized on time and within budget. Committed to community impact and client satisfaction, Blair Freeman continues to redefine industry standards and deliver successful outcomes for every project they undertake.

Our Values

Bold — ​​Our actions are strong and vivid. We take calculated risks. We are confident, daring and brave. We think outside of the box. We are disruptors in our market.

Transparent — Every step of our process is clear, open and easily perceived. All stakeholders in the process have access to all information related to the project.

Reputation — We act in a conscientious manner to ensure that the beliefs and opinions of our company are positive.


Karma — We treat everyone we encounter the way that we would want to be treated, with the understanding that there is always a consequence, whether good or bad.

Impactful — The actions that we take on a daily basis leave a positive mark in the world. We are socially conscious. We believe in giving back. Our work is felt and heard long after we leave the room.

Family — Family is the reason our company was founded. Our employees, clients, vendors and community are an extension of that family.

Blair Freeman is the only 100% Black woman-owned and woman-led Class A contractor in Nebraska. Our experienced team of experts offer boldly transparent construction, owner’s representation and real estate services. Through a “people first, project second” approach, we make the process of building, buying and selling clear, easy, and accessible to anyone.



Women Owned


Black Owned

Female Executives



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